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Spring Cleaning: DAY TWO
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Cleaning is much like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I personally really enjoy cleaning my house, the fresh smell of clean sheets, and shining carpets and wooden floors are worth the couple of hours it takes to clean. Call me sad, but a beautifully clean home is my favourite place on earth – although I’m super messy so I have to regularly clean to keep on top of it.


In the spring, deep cleaning is always a must in my routine. From cleaning the curtains and carpets, to dry cleaning the duvet and mattress, to general maintenance of electrical items. Its all really important to get it out the way at this point in the year. For many freelancers and students, spring is one of the busiest times of the year, so fitting in a deep clean can be really hard. But if planned properly, a deep clean can be completed in a single weekend. So clear your schedule and take a quick look at my tips for making sure you cover all areas in need:

No matter where in the world you live, textiles will be a major part of your home, whether that be in the form of curtains, mattresses, or clothes. The spring weather is perfect for airing out these fabrics and keeping dust and damp at bay. For many of us, most of our textiles won’t fit in a traditional washing machine, and paying for a dry cleaners can be pretty expensive and impractical. Sending your mattress, duvet and curtains to the dry cleaners every 5 years is usually enough to keep them fresh, however each year you should try and air out your textiles in the garden, or open up all the windows in the biggest room in your house and leave them hung up in there for as long as you can – with enough space for them to move in the breeze. Before you put it back, spritz the duvet with a mixture of water and  essential oils (oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, or sandalwood for the bedroom textiles, and eucalyptus, mint or cedarwood for living spaces). Essential oils are great for aromatherapy and work really well when setting an atmosphere for your home.


White Goods
This time of year is fantastic for having a clean out of your white goods, the most important being your freezer. Its a good idea to go through the food in your freezer and check how long all the items have been left in there for. Typically, if the food has been left in there for over 6 months, you’ll probably need to throw it away – but check the labels or a quick internet search for most items will show you if it’s still good to eat. Let your freezer completely defrost, and give it a good clean to remove any bacteria before you reload it with your food. Giving your fridge a deep clean is also a good idea at this time of year – check those jars stuffed at the back of the fridge for their use by dates, and give the shelves a good wipe down! Checking your dishwasher for salt, rinse aid should be done regularly, but if you are likely to forget, then have a look now. Finally your washing machine and driers, these are the most important because if you are doing a deep clean – chances are, these will be in constant use throughout the process.Remove all the bits that are able to be cleaned by hand and soak them in disinfectant and hot water, use a scrubber around the entrance of the washing machine/ drier, removing all the mould and stubborn grime, then put the washing machine on a hot wash on the biggest load setting, adding disinfectant to the cycle (empty of clothes) to clean the inner workings of the machine.

Cupboard Doors
This is the easiest to clean – using hot soapy water give your cupboards a good scrub, if you don’t use an extractor fan, or you want that extra clean feeling, it might be a good idea to use a creamy cleaner (such as cif) to cut through the dirt and grease. It will also leave the wood moisturised, which will help them last longer. Cupboards should be cleaned once a month, especially those in the kitchen to keep them shiny and well looked after.


Windows are typically the most forgotten about part of the home, personally I pay a cleaner to come in monthly to do the outsides and quarterly to do the insides. But if you don’t do this, grab some glass cleaner and give your windows a good scrub, the white seal around your windows will likely build up a lot of grime, so disinfecting them will help your home remain mould and damp free. Need a top tip? Clean the windows on a cloudy day so the sun doesn’t dry the cleaner before you’re done wiping them down!!

Kitchen Counter
Granite can easily be stained if they aren’t sealed properly, so once you’ve had them installed, have them sealed on a yearly basis. This will keep stains at bay. If you have wooden tops, then the same goes for these, although I would suggest having wood sealed twice yearly as the surface is softer and more likely to mark!


I’m sure you hoover and mop your floors on a regular basis, but constant wear treads the dirt and grime deeper into the carpets and floorboards, so a deep clean once a year will really help to keep your home not only looking fresh, but smelling it as well! Grab a carpet cleaner and soak your carpets overnight, using a spot cleaner for those stubborn stains, and use a wood treatment once a year to keep your wooden floors sparking and sealed. When you have potted plants, ensure you have a tray underneath them to prevent water stains on the floors!

“An organised wardrobe is the key to an organised life”. now is the best time to vacuum pack all of your winter wardrobe for storage and air out your summer one, add in a few transitional pieces, taking your wardrobe from winter to summer will be easy!


Your garden
With the glorious spring sun high in the sky, its not too hot to get out in the garden with a spade, what better time of year than now to get your hands dirty in the garden? Time to cut the grass, weed and replant the flower beds, and trim those hedges! What a great time of year to dust off your BBQ and patio furniture too! To clean your patio furniture just grab some hot soapy water and a sponge, and let air dry afterwards – whereas your BBQ might take a little more work to reinvigorate.  Brunnings has a great step by step guide to keep your BBQ on top form ready for those spontaneous BBQs. Nothing worse than wanting some outdoor cooking and realising your BBQ is out of action!

What are your top tips for a spring clean of your home? Do you have any other areas of your home that you get stuck into over spring? Maybe you have ideas on how to spring clean of your loft or basement? Let me know in the comments below!pexels-photo-120173.jpeg


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