10 Reason’s Your Home Town is The Perfect Holiday Destination

10 Reason’s Your Home Town is The Perfect Holiday Destination

Holidays don’t have to be abroad

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It seems like everyone is heading abroad at the moment. My Instagram feed full of ski-slopes and sun loungers as over half of the people I follow head for sunnier horizons or snow topped mountains. Although it’s important to take a break and collect your thoughts before you dive head first into the year, sometimes going abroad may not be the only option.

Last week I took a break from work, and booked a week off to celebrate my birthday. The furthest I got was a local beach and the next town over (which happens to be my home town). I had a wonderful time, felt truly relaxed and refreshed and I am thoroughly convinced that going on holiday to your own hometown is a great mini-break.

Here are my reasons why your home town is the perfect holiday destination:

1. Exploring a Familiar Place

Some of the great things about exploring a new city is getting lost, discovering hidden coffee shops, local markets and seeing everything for the first time. However you can’t explore without getting lost, walking round in circles, and spending a considerable amount of time walking in the wrong direction. When you explore a familiar place, you cut out all of the negative parts of exploring. When was the last time you mooched around your local market, or walked down the streets in town you haven’t been down before? Why don’t you have coffee and cake in one of the independent cafe’s instead of the big Starbucks. Sit on rickety chairs, eat home baked cakes, and take in the rustic and eclectic feel of independent shops.

2. Local Hotels

Most of us will never stay in or experience the hotels where we live. Staying in a hotel is a simple luxury that many of us only treat ourselves to when we are abroad, so book a hotel room for the weekend in the town centre, or if you’re more interested in the local countryside, try somewhere a little greener. I love the fully immersive experience, so even though I might be staying 10 minutes away from my front door, I’ll resist the urge to pop home and grab another hairbrush or that dress I forgot to pack. When staying nearby you will know the weather so packing will be much easier, but if you need any help, try these tips from my previous post.

3. None of that “I never want to leave” feeling

When you go on holiday, near the middle/ end of the trip you’ll probably get that overwhelming feeling of not wanting to go home. When I’m having fun on holiday, I never want it to end, and that’s why exploring your home town is awesome, it doesn’t have to end.

4. Get to know the history

How much do  you really know about the history of your hometown? Probably what they taught you in school, and on school trips to the local museum? Every town in the country has a history, and that means it has a story. Local museums are a great place to spend the afternoon, or maybe hop on a walking tour or a tour bus. It’s great to listen to what tourists find interesting about your city, and will help you see the city in a whole new light.

5. Act Like A Tourist

Instead of experiencing your home town as a memory of where you grew up, try acting like a tourist for the day. Grab your big camera, and head down to the information centre at the city hall. If your city is especially touristy, there may be tourist stations too. Have a chat with the lady behind the desk, and ask all the questions you usually would if you had arrived for the first time. Or I’m sure you’ll be able to find local bloggers that have written about what’s new and exciting in your city… How about trying some of them out?

Another great way to enjoy your city is by making all the little things you do touristy – if you usually walk around the block, turn it into a walk around a new neighbourhood. Skip your usual coffee shop and find another one to sit in, or even just make the effort to look around all of the shops you walk past every day.

Why would you recommend your home town as a great holiday destination? Is there anywhere you walk past every day that you’ve been meaning to check out?


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