On The Road

From picnics, to busy days filled with meetings, to road trip fuel. Here’s what keeps me going.

The Ultimate Picnic

10 Items for a Stylish Picnic Photos: This Brit and Pixels A heat wave has hit Britain, and it’s serious. Melting the roads, shutting down the railways, and cooking our pavements. We can’t even take our dogs for a walk without careful planning and over an hour of preparation. It’s safe to say, whether England is hot or cold, the…
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The wonderful thing about picnics is that anything that is eaten or drunk outside can be classed as a picnic. "A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou" being amongst the simplest and best menus, still used today a thousand years after a poet first suggested it. Picnics are made for making memories, and some of my happiest memories are playing games on the beach and eating chicken sandwiches sat in the back of my Granddad's car. His chicken sandwiches were amazing, and to this day I still can't make a chicken sandwich as nice as his.