Becoming Vegetarian (ISH)

Six months ago, I was inspired by the amazing changes that becoming vegetarian had on my close friends and family, in a deep conversation with two completely converted vegetarians (ranging from a few months to several years) I discovered the health benefits, the energy increase and overall happiness increase that these two individuals had experience post this decision. These may seem like obvious things to you, but as a devoted meat and two veg girl, at the time I couldn’t ever face the potential of another way of life. I’m fussy with my food anyway, take away the meat aspect of my dinner and it was pretty much a plate full of peas and potatoes.

Pasta penne with tomato and rucola

It was time to give this a go and challenge myself. But what on earth was I going to eat? I’ll admit, I’m not a completely converted vegetarian, I still eat fish sometimes (and the odd burger), but it has been a lot easier than I expected to incorporate more vegetarian dishes into my lifestyle.

cooking, cutting board, delicious

The main reason I struggled being a fully converted vegetarian at first is my kryptonite: a big ol’ meaty burger. I really couldn’t live without them. It meant I regularly failed in my attempts to be a ‘good’ vegetarian, hiding behind parked cars out of sight from the judgemental eyes my family whilst devouring a greasy burger (honestly this actually happened). I just couldn’t give it up. I have now found a vegetarian alternative which really is now better than the real thing.

bake, baked, basil

If you are looking to become a vegetarian, I honestly think you should. It really has given me more energy, and I feel healthier, happier, and generally better in myself. It hasn’t given me the ‘life altering’ experience I thought, but over the past few months, I do feel different. Will I continue? Yes I think I will. My one and only tip is to start slow, I’ve started by eating only vegetarian food in the house, and at restaurants ordering whatever I like, as time goes on, I may phase out eating meat all together.

Pasta With Vegetable on White Ceramic Round Plate

Since moving out on my own, I’ve continued to only eat vegetarian dishes at home, which is actually better for my budget, and I have also phased out milk (which kept going off anyway) and now my cupboards are full (well ish) of oat, soy and almond milk. I can safely say I’m a converted vegetarian (ish).



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