From a little corner in Suffolk, Hann is a freelance writer, and administrator for a private pensions firm, and the lady behind the food, lifestyle and beauty blog: This Brit.

Hannah established This Brit in late 2016 just as she began embarking on her own adventure. Covering a variety of topic including Food, Lifestyle, Travel and Beauty, This Brit aims to offer readers the latest on subjects they enjoy the most. This Brit is a collective set of social channels which aims to reach a wide and varied audience.

Torn between large contemporary offices, and little traditional country cottages, Hann writes about country bumpkins: covered in mud and running through fields barefoot, and career girls: dressed up in blazers and heels, ready for lunch dates and meetings in the city. She aims to create a hub for those who aspire and hope to be inspired.

Catch up with her latest styles and reviews right here, or see what she’s getting up to on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.