5 Achievable Goals for The New Year

How to make our resolutions motivational
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We are only a few days into the New Year, and if you’re anything like me, making a few resolutions is high on your agenda. Whether you keep your resolutions close to your chest, or put them out there for the world to see, setting out a plan for your coming year is an important part of having a successful year.

A big mistake for many of us is setting resolutions that are too ambitious or difficult to reach, especially when your life is extremely busy, or unpredictable. You might find that the more generic resolutions such as ‘get fit and eat healthily’ are a bit too much. I found out last year that setting these goals were unfair and meant that I spent too much time beating myself up about not reaching the goals and burnt out even quicker trying reach them. This is obviously the opposite of what your resolutions should do!

Resolutions should take into account your mental and physical health, and aim to improve your life, not make it more difficult. So setting targets like run a marathon in February when you haven’t exercised in 9 months isn’t achievable and will have negative affects on your health.

The quote “dreams don’t work unless you do” springs to mind every time I’m working through my lunch break, or staying that extra hour at the office instead of going home and relaxing, or going for that much needed run. It’s time to rethink that attitude for 2017. Reflecting on 2016 has shown me how much I have grown over the past year. I feel like a completely different person, and that is mainly down to the challenges and lessons that I have learnt over the year. It has shown me that nothing is static, and there will always be new opportunities to take, you never know where you might end up.

Resolutions, of course, should be the motivation we need to grow, adapt and push ourselves further than we thought possible. But in doing this, lets be honest with ourselves and not set ourselves up for failure from day one.

So with that in mind, lets set some resolutions for the coming year which will motivate us to be better and do better in whatever ways we choose to devote our time. Remember, these goals should not only focus our attention on the coming year, but support our growth and development to reach our long term goals as well.

Happy New Year!

Self Praise

One of the biggest things that I have learnt from 2016 is that our resolutions should motivate us to continue achieving the things we consider make us successful, and not what others consider successful. Perhaps you aim to start monetising your favourite hobby by the end of the year. Or maybe you want to push a little harder and move roles in the organisation you’ve been working in for the past few years. For me, I realised recently that I spend too much time comparing my success and worrying that I’m not working as quickly or producing the same quality content as those around me. Yet everyone is different, and you can never and should never compare your success to anybody else. It often leads me to take some time to step back and readjust my attitude and goals. Use the success of those around you to inspire you to be better and do better, but don’t measure your success against theirs. Learn to congratulate yourself on your own achievements.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Life is about enjoying yourself, and you should try to enjoy every single aspect of your life. There still has to be a balance though, whether that’s going for a run after a weekend of delicious and indulgent food, or taking some time away after a particularly busy week at work. Or trying to make sure your career doesn’t overtake other aspects of your life.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean suddenly taking up marathon training, or going to the gym 8 times a week. It’s a combination of physical training and nutrition. For me the nutrition is the hardest part, as I’m a real sucker for a burger and chips. Even so, the healthier the food you put into your body, the happier and healthier you feel, you have more energy, clearer and brighter skin and so many more benefits.

I’m a huge advocate of the saying “you get out everything you put in”, and this particularly applies to the body. So whether you use meditation to improve your memory or reduce stress, take some time to practice yoga, or head to the gym three times a week, taking steps to improve your physical and mental health will give you more benefits than you could possibly realise.

This new year I’ve decided to eat a fully plant based diet two days a week, and use more vegetarian supplements for meat in my diet overall. I’m excited to see what health benefits this has!

Family & Friends

Since moving into my own flat, family and friends have become an extremely important part of my life as you have to make a conscious effort to visit and maintain the relationships. I have such a wonderful close knit family, and friends that I would travel to the ends of the earth for, but it can be so easy to forget this in the midst of our busy schedules.

I’m guilty of forgetting to hit reply, leaving phone calls unanswered and changing plans last minute because of work commitments. But 2017 is the year I make a change! Life is too short to put your friends and family lower on your priority list.

So lets try to listen to, learn from and love those closest to us in 2017. And for us who love organisation a little too much? Lets plan some trips with family and friends for the coming months, it gives us something to look forward to after all, and we won’t miss out on that much needed time.

Make the Decision

Personally, this is the one I’m most excited about this year. It’s definitely one that we can all get involved in, whether on our own or with other people. Let’s resolve to try new things this new year.

Maybe in 2017 you will be the one to talk to new colleagues first, or join that gym class that you’ve been really keen on trying but never quite found the courage or time. Try that class, or learn a new skill, you never know, it may lead to something more than you expected. It could even be that I find a pole fitness class in my local area and finally start taking lessons rather than staring at post after post of beautiful poses and sequences on Instagram. Pushing ourselves to do new and exciting things this year could be the difference between an average and awesome year.

Self Love

And last but not least … self love.

Now this might seem like it covers a wide range, but I feel like it’s another one that we can all get on board with and it’s definitely one that I need to have in the forefront of my mind as we head through this year. I consider myself a relatively positive person, but sometimes things can get a little too much and I feel like I’m drowning, in times like this it can be difficult for me to resurface with a smile on my face.

I know that when I feel low, I try to take some time away from everything. I think of this as hitting reset, taking some time to relax, refocus on what matters to me and try and then step back into the world reenergised. This year I want to try and reduce the amount of times that I hit this point by taking more time to reflect and focus on myself. It’s important to learn and grow as a person, take time to relax and regularly remind yourself of what’s important to you regularly. This will help you avoid a burnout, and will help you feel more motivated and positive overall.

And for those not so achievable goals – it’s okay to have a couple… I’m going to try and cut back on alcohol, and focus on driving my career forward. In all honestly I barely drink anymore, but I want to cut out drinking in between special occasions – and maybe progress to cutting it out completely. As for the driving my career, I’ve only been with the company for a couple of months, so I simply want to complete all the necessary exams, become an invaluable asset to my team and experience several “a day in the life of” at least 3 other teams in the company.

Learning is a big deal for me in 2017, and I hope to use all of my resolutions to drive my growth personally and professionally.

Let me know if you are setting yourself any resolutions this year and if so what they are! Let’s all share and perhaps we can inspire each other throughout 2017!

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